International Retreats

As a community we carry out events in various territories throughout the world.

The places, the dates and all the necessary information for these events will be published on our
page and on our facebook page every time one of these events is scheduled.

Any information or question you have about these events please send to our mail and we will
gladly answer all your questions.

“People testing ayahuasca will gain much from reading this book before take-off. Chris Kilham knows his plants, his writing is fun, and the book itself is packed with knowledge.”

Jeremy Narby

“Ayahuasca is the greatest of enigmas. How, in a forest of at least eighty-thousand plants, did anybody figure out to use one particular species of vine and one leaf, cooked down into a concentrated psychoactive potion? The very notion of trial and error falls apart. Shamans uniformly insist that the plants communicate their uses directly.”

Chris Kilham