Retreats in Medellín

Our center is located in Santa Elena, just outside of Medellin. The finca is quiet, tranquil, and full of nature, offering a great space to facilitate the work. The ceremonies are held in our traditional Bohio (a ceremonial hut) , and facilitated by Elders with decades of experience working and healing with the medicines.

We will have medicine ceremonies on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. We will pick up participants in Medellin at Poblados Park on Friday and will drive them back on monday morning.

Food, accommodation and transportation are all included. Housing is dorm style and shared. Food provided will follow the medicine guidelines and is simple, wholesome and light.

We can provide vegetarian and vegan friendly meals, but if you have any special dietary needs, you may want to bring things to supplement your meals.

Please note that is very cold in Santa Elena at night, so please bring warm clothes and jackets. It gets VERY COLD. We will provide blankets, but if you have your own sleeping bag is better, more is better.

WiFi is limited here, remember, the focus of the weekend is tranquility, relaxation and healing.

“People testing ayahuasca will gain much from reading this book before take-off. Chris Kilham knows his plants, his writing is fun, and the book itself is packed with knowledge.”

Jeremy Narby

“Ayahuasca is the greatest of enigmas. How, in a forest of at least eighty-thousand plants, did anybody figure out to use one particular species of vine and one leaf, cooked down into a concentrated psychoactive potion? The very notion of trial and error falls apart. Shamans uniformly insist that the plants communicate their uses directly.”

Chris Kilham