Camino Al Sol Reservations

As a community, Camino Al Sol holds many events in various territories throughout the world.  We welcome everyone to attend these ceremonies!

If you would like to make a reservation for one of our events, please follow these simple directions:

    1. Peruse the "Upcoming Events" (listed to the right) and find one that fits your schedule and is in the location that you desire.

    3. Under "Calendar and Reservations" listed below, navigate to the correct month and then select the days that you would like to attend ceremony.  Next to the Calendar, please select the number of attendees in your party, and then fill out the contact information form.  (Please note that the only payment selection that is allowed at this time is "Pay On Arrival."  No payments or deposits are accepted at this time, and there is no obligation on your part at this point in the process.)  Once you have filled out the required information, please press the "BOOK NOW" button.

    5. After making your reservation request, you will be contacted within 48 hours via email.  At this point, you will be provided with all of the details of the event (including pricing and accommodations options, venue information and other important information).  A deposit will be required at this time in order to hold your reservation(s) for the requested event(s).

    7. After making your reservation and paying your deposit, please click on the "REGISTRATION FORM" button at the bottom of the page in order to submit your registration form for the event.  Congratulations!  You have now taken the first steps on your path, the Path of The Sun or Camino Al Sol.


    If you have any questions at any point during this process, please do not hesitate to contact us at: and we will gladly and promptly reply to all of your questions.


Upcoming Events

March 2020

Colombia Healing Retreats – March 2020

(1st Retreat) March 23-25

(2nd Retreat) March 27-29

Calendar and Reservations

Registration Form

Once you have made your reservation and paid your deposit, please complete the registration form.

“People testing ayahuasca will gain much from reading this book before take-off. Chris Kilham knows his plants, his writing is fun, and the book itself is packed with knowledge.”

Jeremy Narby

“Ayahuasca is the greatest of enigmas. How, in a forest of at least eighty-thousand plants, did anybody figure out to use one particular species of vine and one leaf, cooked down into a concentrated psychoactive potion? The very notion of trial and error falls apart. Shamans uniformly insist that the plants communicate their uses directly.”

Chris Kilham