Our Community

The object of Camino Al Sol is to safeguard cultures and memory to enable welfare and improving the quality of human life and communities, especially the most vulnerable and their environment.

We consider culture as the basis of society, understanding culture as all expressions and manifestations of man that give life to their existence and allow coexistence and survival of the same community and natural surroundings.

Camino Al Sol seeks preservation of memory, as what we are, what we will be, where we come from and where we are going. We are in a constant search for comprehensive and creative capacity of human beings through research, management and promotion of traditional ancestral knowledge.

We practice ancestral knowledge, based on the principle of collective welfare over particular interest; favoring human development since its space spiritual, social, political and physical dimensions, through the development of programs and projects from a spiritual orientation, with all the cultural knowledge, science, technology and possible areas of action disciplines, regardless of sex, race , national or family origin, language, religion, political or philosophical opinion and in the freedom of worship that our Constitution promulgated. Camino Al Sol is part of the thought and ideas of the indigenous communities of Colombia.

Camino Al Sol is a non secular place that recognizes God as father and mother. We recognize the human being as light constantly seeking perfection. We believe in the possibility that humans recognize and acknowledge the other as spiritual beings. We believe in ancestral knowledge and practices of indigenous communities for this purpose and in helping plants and ancient medicines that allow us to find that balance between body, mind and spirit that enables us to return to the origin and learn again how to live in community with our neighbors and with the rest of the environment.

The world has a lack of balance present in both the personal field and in the social field. Current systems that govern the world are leading humanity to live in an environment of control and oppression that not even the same man can recognize.

The lack of spirituality in humans translates into conflicts, borders, divisions and inequalities are increasingly creating the world and its inhabitants suffering constant pain.

Each country and each community had their own spiritual path as the law of origin, but that has been lost in many areas and ways and such laws have already been forgotten. Each country and each community had a law of ancestral origin which was delivered by the same spirit and this allowed the members of these communities people succeed in finding the true meaning of life and community life.

All spiritual paths are equal, neither competes with another and all lead to the same place. All lead to what people recognize and remember that they are spiritual beings from the same place and as brothers must balance that generates welfare for all and for the land that welcomes us in his bosom.

Man must achieve understand that mother earth provides us with all the necessities of life, that mother earth provides us with health and wellness, everyone. But ambition, competition, greed, self-importance and many other problems from the ego, we are destroying our mother while we are destroying ourselves.

This spiritual journey, guided by knowledge of the Elders and the sacred plants, allows the possibility for us to recognize that we are part of a whole. It can recognize that the earth is not ours, but that we belong to the land. It makes us realize that if I hurt my brother I’m hurting myself, and if I’m hurting the earth I am doing damage to myself.

We want this road through open spaces so that the spirit can sow in the hearts of people to join us a seed of light and love that allows us all to realize that change is possible, that love is the way, that brotherhood and community life will enable us to evolve in a sustainable way with the planet. Realize that suffering and fear is a lie that we’re selling to keep us from seeing everything as a lesson of life and spirit.

We hope that in the future to regain territories for community life. To support the recovery of the planet and natural resources, from the recovery of the conscience of each individual and to retrieve the importance of the family as the fundamental nucleus of society. We seek to recover ancestral knowledge to rethink current models of education and educating the new generations from a global view and from a spiritual point of view, where the differences and individuality are respected and where companies find and exercise their mission from a share as humanity .

We hope to be the bridge for many people to find their origins and roots so they can be the ones who can retrieve the different knowledge and cultures of different territories. We hope to achieve community living models to enable sustainable development friendly to the environment and to provide comfort, opportunities and abundance for everyone.

We are a non-profit entity in both the US and Colombia. We share our knowledge and hope to utilize any funds raised to support the indigenous communities of our Elders, and to purchase and preserve sacred lands.

“People testing ayahuasca will gain much from reading this book before take-off. Chris Kilham knows his plants, his writing is fun, and the book itself is packed with knowledge.”

Jeremy Narby

“Ayahuasca is the greatest of enigmas. How, in a forest of at least eighty-thousand plants, did anybody figure out to use one particular species of vine and one leaf, cooked down into a concentrated psychoactive potion? The very notion of trial and error falls apart. Shamans uniformly insist that the plants communicate their uses directly.”

Chris Kilham