Another Fantastic Experience!

I unsuccessfully wanted to do an ayahuasca or yage ceremony for the last 2 years. I felt that if you want to have a good yage retreat you have to either pay an absurd amount of money for the most well-known centers or enter a minefield of shady shamans and impromptu centers.
Just before the end of 2016 I’ve found myself in a strange situation that resulted in making a reservation for the first 2017 at Fundacion Camino al Sol Medellin retreat center. I made a decision for Camino al Sol in 10 minutes, because it felt right.
My gut feeling was right. The whole thing was well organized by warm and trustworthy people and I really felt safe. But it wasn’t only that, what made the experience really unique was the atmosphere during the ceremonies. We were drinking yage with fellow Colombians and the musicians and shamans even brought their children to the ceremonies. This gave me the feeling of being a part of a community of like-minded people who treated us as their guests and not as their customers. I felt we were brothers and sisters in our yage and life journey, which gave me the courage to go deeper with the medicine than I was expecting.
My yage journey was unique, but at the same time similar to those of many others so I won’t be describing my actual experiences here. What I can say however is that I certainly got my answers, maybe not in the form I was expecting to, but this just goes to show the power of the medicine.
Thank you Fundacion Camino al Sol for providing this wonderful experience.