Ayahuasca is the prepared medicine of the sacred vine of Ayahuasca and the leaves of the Chacruna plant.  The traditional brew is prepared in the amazon especially for the Fundacion Camino al Sol by Elders the tradition. It takes a week to gather, bless, and cook the medicine.



Ambil is an tobacco paste, using tobacco grown organically on our community farm.  Tobacco is ceremoniously cooked and cleansed and then mixed with tree salts. According to the Amazonian tradition and the myth of the origin, Ambil is a power plant that allows man to cleanse and heal in order to receive...



Mambe is a medicine made from coca leaf and an ash called yarumo. The Mambe is according to tradition, the word. When you use the Mambe and the Ambil together, the Ambil brings thoughts and the Mambe translates it into words.