Retreats in Bogotá

The bogota retreats are made in two different parts according to the schedules that the comunity have. The ceremonies in these territories will be post in our events calendar.

One of the places is in La vega cundinamarca, located one hour and a half from Bogota. The main maloka of our community is located in this place and is a magical space for the realization of the ritual of ayahuasca.

The accommodation in this place is in hammocks. Transportation and food are included in the events held in the maloka.

It is a warm climate although at night it can be cold. It is best to bring comfortable clothes and blanket or sleeping bag to use during the night.

The second place is four hours away from Bogota. In the sector of Villavicencio.

As in all our retreats, transportation and food are included. It is hot weather and it is recommended to bring fresh clothes and swimwear to swim in the river. The nature is wonderful and is an ideal place for the celebration of the ritual of ayahuasca.

Calendar in Bogotá

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Jeremy Narby

“Ayahuasca is the greatest of enigmas. How, in a forest of at least eighty-thousand plants, did anybody figure out to use one particular species of vine and one leaf, cooked down into a concentrated psychoactive potion? The very notion of trial and error falls apart. Shamans uniformly insist that the plants communicate their uses directly.”

Chris Kilham